About Us

In May of 2000, Sam Phillips, opened Custom Accounting Services, Inc. and Sam Phillips, CPA, in Salem, Illinois. The two firms function independently, but cooperatively. After successfully growing his businesses in Salem, Sam opened a second office in Breese, Illinois, to better serve existing clients and continue to expand his “footprint” in the accounting industry in Southern Illinois.
Custom Accounting Services, Inc. can be your business’s accounting and payroll department. We provide full-service bookkeeping, including payroll and payroll tax service, billing and receivables, checking account reconciliation, sales tax filing, monthly or quarterly business reports, and business consultation. We service companies from a wide variety of industries, both large and small. We have vast experience in the following industries:
  • Construction and manufacturing
  • Healthcare and ambulance service
  • Retail & Internet Wholesale
  • Gas Stations
  • Restaurants – franchise and stand-alone
  • Technology and Consulting
  • Agricultural Support and Farming
  • Automotive Sales and Service
  • Wineries
Sam Phillips, CPA provides the guarantee of expertise that only a Certified Public Accountant can offer. Filing your personal, small business, agricultural or corporate tax returns is just the beginning of what we can do for you! We can incorporate your business, help you with estate planning, assist in mergers and acquisitions, and represent you before federal or state tax agencies. We believe in helping our clients legally and ethically shelter as much income as possible from taxes.